A short biography

Well, where should I start ? My name’s Steve, A.K.A TechXero/DarkXero, and I am a 44 year old Tech fanatic from Lebanon. I love technology, mainly Computer Hardware/Software, smartphones, and some web-design. I also love many music genres, like all types of Electronic mostly anything with hard bass, classic 80’s, Heavy Metal, Country, among others.

Films too, especially Art Films by famous Directors like Lars Von Trier, Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Francis Ford Copolla, George Lucas and others.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like some of the commercial movies coming out today, but not all. These days they tend to do remakes rather than come up with new stuff…


I am an avid iOS user when it comes to smartphones. I did use Android for 5 years, was happy on it for a while, I moved to iOS and have been a happy man ever since. However, it’s not to say that I will stick with it for good, who knows what the future holds? I might go back to Android.. I use both in parallel now see where I will land…


All this is to say that, in essence, I am a Multi-User, as in, I don’t stick to one Platform, I like to dabble in all of them. I currently use iOS and Android when it comes to Smartphones. macOS, Windows and Linux when it comes to Desktop Operating Systems. I currently maintain my very own ArchLinux Toolkik XeroLinux.

Other than that, I do freelance as a Technical Support specialist from time to time. I have landed a Job at Apple in 2019, in Ireland. But it didn’t last long unfortunately, can’t go into detail as to why, but at least I can say that I have worked for that company LoL… I am currently unemployed, but it’s OK. I do get by.

Cheers y’all 😀



Below are the specs of my main Rig, the one I use to test & build XeroLinux. Also the one I game on and much much more. I have 4 other rigs that are less important.