Friday, June 7, 2024

Actively Looking For a Job

Hello dear followers !

Today, I am reaching out to you for assistance with my job search. The current situation in Lebanon has made finding employment extremely challenging, and I would greatly appreciate your support.

As some of you may know, I recently had to demonetize my YouTube channel due to issues with my bank and Google. Unfortunately, ads will continue to appear, but I will no longer receive any revenue from them. Additionally, with the discontinuation of the XeroLinux distro, relying solely on donations is no longer viable. While I am deeply grateful to those who have contributed, it is not enough to cover my living expenses.

What’s Next ?

I have been actively seeking a stable job, but various factors complicate this process. For example, I do not drive and must rely on expensive public transportation. Additionally, I live far from most job opportunities. Therefore, a remote work-from-home position is ideal for me at this time. I am also open to international remote jobs.

How can you help ?

I am not asking for donations, just a few minutes of your time to share this post within your professional networks. If you know of any companies that might be open to hiring someone from Lebanon, please share my LinkedIn profile with them.

I have applied to numerous jobs over the past few months, often receiving no response or outright rejections. I suspect my location is a significant barrier.

Please find the link to my LinkedIn page below. Sharing it within your network could make a significant difference. Being in my mid-forties, finding a job soon is crucial. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Hoping for the best and crossing my fingers. 😍

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