Steve Chaanine

A short biography

My name’s Steve, and I am a 40 year old Tech fanatic. I love technology, mainly Computer Hardware/Software, smartphones, and some web-design. I also love many music genres.

Other than that, I do freelance as a Technical Support specialist from time to time. I have landed a Job at Apple last year, in Ireland. I am currently unemployed.

What I Do


I have been a Salesman in every shape n form. I tend to think that we all have something to sell, be it tangible or otherwise 😉

Web Design

I do dabble in Web design here and there. I am by no means a pro though. But am working on it....

Linux Development

I have recently started working on Linux. Just released my very own custom Arch Linux based Distro called XeroLinux. Currently learning as I go.

Media Stuff

I do a lot of video and audio editing on the side. Gaining experience the more I do it. Currently fluent in Magix Samplitude Sequoia, SoundForge for audio and After Effects with a bit of Final Cut Pro for video.


9 Years of Experience


Louis Massignon Abu Dhabi

High School

Baccalaureate level.


2019 - 2020
Apple Cork Ireland HQ

Siri Grading / AIML

  • Siri Grading
  • Making sure every request is correctly answered
  • Due to N.D.A can't give more info
iStyle L.L.C

Sales Associate specialised in APPLE products and support

  • Promote of Apple Services, including sale of computer hardware and Mobile phones
  • Provide personalised advice for customers on different Apple products
  • Ensure good management of IT support and make software diagnosis
  • Stock Management
  • Manage the customers receipts and store accounts
  • Manage the customers receipts and store accounts
2003- 2009
Beirut, Lebanon

Independent IT Support Technician

  • Set up computer software and repair the computer hardware
  • Implement the domestic computer networks in homes.
  • Create websites and forums for individuals and professionals.
  • Make computer maintenance PC / Mac environments such as back up and restore data for professionals.


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Beit Mery - Lebanon

Freelance Available

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